My new laptop and seemingly endless computer errors

So, after getting my new laptop, I was super excited about being able to blog more efficiently (usually at night after the kids are sleeping). However, little did I know I would get an incredibly annoying dwm.exe error shortly after getting my new Windows 7 laptop! Talk about frustrating and a total pain. The good news is, I didn’t have any files or important stuff on my computer to worry about, but it was still a total pain to deal with.

This is a picture of the error file:


How it happened

After I got home and set everything up, I got a cup of coffee and was ready to dive in (my husband was watching the kids for me). I was just getting used to my shiny new laptop when all of a sudden, BAM. A big error and my computer restarted. When I booted it back up, I looked up some information about why this file would be damaged ALREADY before I could even use my computer for more than a few hours. What I found out was that it’s responsible for the Desktop Windows Manager (wikipedia) and manages the different windows and hardware acceleration aspects on a computer.

For some reason, mine already became corrupt and totally obliterated my ability to be productive! A lot of sites I read also said this file might be a virus, trojan, or other dangerous types. I wasn’t expecting that to be my problem though as I hadn’t downloaded or installed anything yet – I didn’t even have time to!

What I did was make sure I had the drivers installed on my system (drivers for my video card, updated operating system updates, updated sound drivers, and any other hardware). After doing that, I restarted and things seemed to be working fine. I did some additional research on other websites and saw that tons of other people think they have the dwm.exe virus too. What I found was that many of these people don’t have updated system drivers, operating system drivers, and other necessary updates to make sure they are protected. The weird part is, I did. However, I didn’t have any virus or malware programs on my laptop yet, but I don’t know how it could have happened to me anyways.

Regardless, after a bunch of time fixing things and making sure I was ready, I think I’m finally ready to start blogging and building my website.

If you ever get these types of messages or errors:


Please fix them as quickly as you can so you don’t have to deal with the same stuff I went through. It’s not fun wasting your entire day making sure your stuff is safe and secure, and I didn’t even have that much stuff on my computer to worry about yet. If you have a lot of files, documents, pictures, passwords, emails, or other stuff on your computer, I would STRONGLY recommend having a virus program running on your computer AT ALL TIMES. Even when you aren’t downloading files or doing stuff you maybe shouldn’t be doing, your computer is constantly searching for files and entries. If you have a virus protection installed, it will always be looking out for you to protect you from trojans, backdoors, viruses, malware, and any other dangerous files that may be installed thanks to stupid malicious software and downloads.

Even if this post helps one person, I’ll feel great. If you have ever noticed dwm.exe errors or any other errors, please message me and let me know what you did. If I can learn about stopping other errors from happening in the future I’ll be extremely happy too. Maybe I can create a section on my blog here that outlines common problems bloggers run into and how we fix them.

Have a great day!


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